Yet again Amazon Web Services deliver on their promises

Today I found that a product I have been hearing whispers and rumours about and was trialled in the US last year is finally with us in the UK, network connectivity using private circuits into specific telecoms centres.

This is a great development as produces 3 main effects

1. Reduced network costs out of AWS, which is valuable for applications with high data requirements

2. More consistent performance for Internet based applications

3. Increases connectivity options for companies that have security policies which do nt allow VPN connections to Cloud services

For me as a consultant for a large SI, this additional connectivity option is a major plus when talking to customers, some of whom have security policies which forbid connections to the Cloud.

The service is not available through the AWS Management Console, an application must be made in a form to AWS – I have no idea how long this process with take, but as it involves actual people I know it will move at the normal speed of Cloud!

Personally I am looking forward to my next partner briefing and hopefully getting a demonstration of this product. In the interim, AWS need to be getting some good collateral out to customers and partners – traditionally AWS have not produced brilliant documentation 1st time out and a service like this needs good solid documentation as it will be used to convince the unconverted.

AWS – I am looking forward to seeing this product in action and implementing it, give us the tools and the documentation to convert the unconverted to use your services.






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